What ecoMotorShow?

What ecoMotorShow?

eco motor Show 2021
Helsinki, Narinkka Market Square, Kamppi 
On Saturday June the 5th, 10 am - 6 pm 

The event is free charge to the public 

The electric- and hybrid cars as well other means of conveyance using modern power plants of today, 
are constantly being discussed in the media and around the coffee tables. The technical development 
linked to the above is currently extremely rapid and it is challenging to find current information. 
All the major actors have been invited to participate in the event in June 2020. 
They will show the public their own products and services as well as share their views on the future developments. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
- What electric and hybrid cars are sold on the Finnish market? 
* Where can I charge an electric car? 
- How fast is an electric car? 
- What is the warranty of an electric car? 
- Can I connect an electric car to the charging points of our high-rise building? 
- What sort of charger do I need for the high-rise building 
- Where do I find charging points in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Oulu, Jyväskylä and on my way to Lapland? 
- Are there charging points in the parking halls? 
- Which petrol stations feature charging points? 
- Are there charging points into shopping centers? 
- Is an electric or hybrid car more suitable for me? 
- Can all hybrids be charged using a standard socket? 
- What is the equipment level of an electric car? 
- What sort of charging cables do I need and where can I buy one? 
- Does an electric car function in the winter? 
- What is the driving range for an electric vehicle, without re-charging? 
- Do I need to change the batteries of an electric car? 
- How long does the re-charging take? 
- How much does the re-charging cost? 

These sort of questions are common for somebody considering the purchase of an electric or hybrid car. 

Other vehicles and equipment at the ecoMotorShow 
- Are there already boats powered by electric engines? 
- Where can I purchase an electric motor cycle? 
- What level of driver´s licence do I need for an electric motor cycle 
- Where can I buy an electric moped? 
- What level of driver´s licence do I need for an electric moped? 
- Can I take the battery of an electric bi-cycle home to be re-charged? 
- Where can I purchase an electric four wheeler? 
- Where can I drive an electric four wheeler? 
- Where can I purchase an electric bi-cycle? 
- Where can I drive an electric bi-cycle? 
- Where can I purchase an electric scooter? 
- Where can I drive an electric scooter? 
- Do I need a driver´s licence for an electric bi-cycle? 
- Do I need a helmet for an electric bi-cycle? 
- How long is the driving range for an electric moped? 
- Can I take home the battery for an electric bi-cycle or moped for re-charging? 

On the same spot on Saturday June the 5th 2020 at the Narinkka Market Square you will see : 
- Electric and hybrid cars and vans 
- Electric bi-cycles, mopeds, motor cycles, four wheelers, boats, scooters, etc. 
- Chargers, charging networks, the charging points in Finland, and much more. 

On site manufacturers, dealers, importers and other specialists. 

In addition there will also be interesting panel discussions for everyone looking for the latest information. 
For whom? The event is suitable for everyone interesting in electric cars and vehicles in general. 
Also for all persons representing high-rise buildings and interesting in obtaining information and regulations as regards charging points
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